Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hells Baby Bells

There was an attempt to take up a cell phone today. Oh, not be me. It was the reverse. A jack-a-ninny tried to get his hands on mine.

It had to be an emergency for the kid to be so desperate to get his hands on my cell phone. He wanted to call his mom to come pick him up before sixth period because he hated his history teacher.

No, you don’t get it. There was an absolutely valid reason for him to ask for my cell phone to call his mom to pick him up in the middle of a test. It was because I wouldn’t let him use the phone at my desk. Poor guy, he was so accommodating. When I pointed out that we were in the middle of a test, he offered to make his call on my cell phone out in the hallway.

I could tell he was torn. Countless times he informed me that he didn’t want to use his own cell phone because “[He didn’t] want to waste [his] minutes.”

Maybe the next time he asks for something of mine (money, my car, pint of blood), I’ll consider. I mean one can resist such sound reasoning for only so long.

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