Thursday, September 24, 2009

And on that note….

I had to use the restroom this morning before school. Like I always do, I left a note saying I would be right back, which I was. Five minutes, tops. When I did get back, there was a second note from a student of mine who was on her last chance to make up a test. The note said she stopped by, but decided not to wait any longer than she had. I’m telling you that I was gone less than five minutes, and she couldn’t wait on the last chance avoid a zero on a test?

I’m not sharing anything new though. You guys have probably experienced the same thing. Here’s the note that she left on my door:
Hi, this is Stacey. I came by. Yous wasn’t here.

                                                                     bye bye
It was the first line, “Hi, this Stacey.” It looked like I needed to add letter composition to the curriculum. By the sound of things it seemed like she was trying to leave a voice message. Did she hear a beep? That ending made me just as suspicious too.

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