Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Shall Not Pass

All right. It’s time for another Tale of Hallway Hijinks. Rounding the corner to the history hall on my way to the workroom, I came upon a group of eight students scattered from wall-to-wall lying about like a bunch of seals sunning themselves on a rocky shore.

One was on his back tossing an eraser up and catching it again. Another was having a staring contest with her cell phone, while texting what had to be War and Peace because her thumbs did not stop. One boy was being treated to a White-Out manicure by two girls next to a couple of classmates having a snoring contest, while the last boy must have just learned how to do the centipede because he was performing with great fervor.

After enduring being told by eraser kid that he was in charge of supplies, being offered my own White-Out mani-pedi, and getting my foot stamped by Electric Boogaloo I discovered that this think-tank was sent in the hall to work on a group project—for biology class.

They weren’t even in the right hall. The science classes are on an entirely different floor. I guess these little pioneers had decided to make camp in the history hall before making their way back. The whole thing was a bit shocking since they didn’t even seem motivated enough to breathe, let alone wander away from home like that.

Maybe they were protesting something. You know, like that nonviolent resistance stuff. They were letting their limp bodies impede the progress of an act they fundamentally disagreed with. What that was, I wasn’t sure. I was going to the make copies. Maybe the dueling snorers had an anti-earplug agenda. My best guess is that they were taking a “stance” against working hard and learning.

They’re here. They’re lazy. Get used to it.

Don’t fight The Power.

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