Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Don’t Need No Water Let the Mutha….

For the most part we all see ourselves as calm, cool, and collected. Every once and a while though we have those incidents where our heart rates spike and panic covers us like a tarp. I had one of those moments earlier today. The experience was ignited ironically by a trash can fire.

My nose gave me a half-second notice before turning the corner to see one of those large trashcans the school has in the cafeteria smoldering. Immediately I started running around in a small circle, knowing that I always passed a fire extinguisher on my way to lunch. To accompany my 360’s were my exaggerated movements. Each step brought my knees twice as high. My arms flailed like un-manned fire hoses. Luckily my inner Stooge was able to locate the nearest fire extinguisher about the time flames became visible. And as the fire was being tamed so was my panic.

Before my pulse could get back to normal, a student walked over.

“Uh that thing took my dollar.”

I tracked his finger point to a row of vending machines. Man, who said today’s kids can’t focus? Here we were in front of the aftermath of a two alarmer; I’m spraying a fire extinguisher, which let’s admit, is cool, and all this kid was locked in on was getting his powdered doughnuts. Heck, the fact that this kid was supposed to be in class didn’t even stop him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started the blaze himself just so he could lure someone to deal with his dollar dilemma.

I should have emptied the rest of my extinguisher on him. I could have easily claimed to have seen a spark jump onto his jeans.

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