Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tease the Season

Some people think Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season. For me it’s the end of the first grading period. I’m not exactly sure why though. Maybe it’s the frenzy that comes with trying to get grades submitted in time. It’s a frenzy that can only be matched by that holiday shopping where you’re desperate to get everyone at least something. Or maybe it is the anticipation that comes with calling parents about the bad news that was their kid’s performance. Your heart beats faster waiting to see how the parent will react. Each time it is like a new door when you trick or treat. Will it be a regular size candy bar or dental floss?

Speaking of phone calls home, we got an email from the registrar reminding teachers to leave messages every time they call because it is the registrar’s number that is showing up on caller ID’s. Parents are calling back with questions about their kids that she is in no position to answer.

I just assumed that we all left messages. Why wouldn’t we? Like I said, things are too hectic, so to keep calling back isn’t exactly a timesaver tactic. Perhaps some teachers chicken out with bearing bad news and hang-up real fast. If that’s the case then they’re in the wrong business. Calling and hanging up is a little too close to prank calling, if you ask me.

Hey, wouldn’t that be great if we could do that? What if we could deliver such news in a prankish manner? It may relief the stress that some teachers feel.

“Does a Dee Minus live there?”

“Excuse Me, I am calling for an Efron English.”

“This isn’t the residence of Ima Dommy? I beg to differ!”

Now if I could find a way for TPing a house to replace sending letters home.

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