Monday, October 05, 2009

I Went to School and All I Got was this Stupid T-shirt

A teacher here at SLHS has caused a stir. Last Friday, a spirit day (a school version of casual Friday), she wore a shirt that read: I Ride the Short Bus. Now come on, any public school teacher, no matter what her sense of humor is, should have a nose for what has the potential to offend. It’s called being a professional. Unfortunately, though jack-a-ninnies do grow up, some of them become teachers.

With that said, I don’t see the shirt as the problem. No, the shirt is the result of another problem. What I’m saying is that this district shouldn’t even be giving teachers an opportunity to wear t-shirts in the first place. You’ve got to understand something when it comes to me. Though I joke a bit, deep down in my core I believe in this work we do; teaching the next generation, is an honorable one. Many times before I have equivocated teaching to such practices as law and medicine, but I don’t think teachers are seen that way. Some of that falls on us. I mean, you don’t see lawyers wearing t-shirts on Fridays that say Eat My Torts do you? Do you want to know why? They don’t because no one would take them seriously if they did something like that. So is it too much to ask my district to insist that our professionalism not be compromised?

Hey, if you don’t agree with me then that’s fine. I still have the monkey house defense. Sometimes parameters need to be put in place because you can’t expect jack-a-ninnies to be professional all the time. It’s the same reason you don’t put loaded guns in a monkey house. Monkeys don’t go nuts with guns because there are no guns in the monkey house.

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