Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wingding Bat

A few weeks ago some lady stuck her head in my classroom to tell me she was the communications volunteer for this year’s Parent Teacher Student Association. I didn’t catch her name. Ironically, I wasn’t really listening. Maybe I could give her a cool codename, like she was a G.I. Joe action figure. Let’s see; there’s Walkie Talkie. No, I don’t like that one. I could go Native American with Windtalker. Maybe we can do Soundwave. Wait that’s a Transformer. Let’s go with something more of a Volunteer Mom’s speed—Gabby.

At the time, I didn’t think much about her. She didn’t leave much of an impression. Why would she while I’m waist deep in school work? Her second attempt at contact did though. She sent an email of announcements the PTSA determined important for us to know. Well, irony struck again. The whole thing was written in Wingdings. Wingdings—hieroglyphics of the digital age.

Maybe Gabby was being clever. Get it? Look how I communicate, but somehow I doubt it. Or maybe I’m just being as creative as she. Perhaps like hieroglyphics, the Wingdings need to be translated. Let’s give that a go; the first line has a finger, computer, the skull & crossbones, and a flag. Hmm, obviously she’s saying that touching computers on Memorial Day is deadly.

Uh, maybe that’s not it. This may take a while.

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