Thursday, October 15, 2009

Messaged Received

We got an e-mail from our IT department yesterday:

We are aware of the e-mails being sent to district e-mail accounts that contain vulgar subject lines. We are currently working with our spam filter to solve the issue. It may take a week to resolve the issue.

I’ll have to admit that I’m going to be sweating things out this coming week because this may not be the work of a spammer. You see I had taken it upon myself, as a coping mechanism, to vent through faux e-mails (subject lines and all). I would say what I wanted to say in crazed moments and then delete it so that POOF! my frustration, along with the message, would just disappear. All would just dissolve into the one-line ether.

Even with this blog, I felt like I needed more cathartic moments. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and I was desperate. I was as desperate as a teacher can get working in a school with a no-choking students policy can get!

I tell you this to hit home the idea that these e-mails of mine were aplenty and descriptive:
If you are what you eat, then this kid must have a steady diet of shit heads.

Exiled Nigerian prince needs money to keep your daughter from being a fucking moron.

If books where made of your balls then you’d always have one in your hand. Stay out of your pants!
They went on and on. I’m almost positive that I hit delete on them and not send, but now I’m not sure—not with this little IT manhunt. So I’m going to have to find another method to take the edge off, just to be safe. I guess I could add another day of excessive drinking to my week—as soon as they come with eight days that is.

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