Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ah, teaching—I’ll say this about it. It is one of those careers where if you say, “Now I’ve seen everything,” then you would’ve said it too soon. Years of kids vomiting on plants and power outages have taught me that. Today’s atrocity just enforces this.

On our shared drive on the school’s network there is a video of a math teacher that he plans to use to introduce a mathematical concept. In it he is in a persona he created himself. Are you ready for this? The persona is called “Math Pimp.” I’m not making this one up people. I’d be ashamed of myself, if I did.

The teacher is dressed as one of those stereotypical pimps you would see in exploitation movies from the early 70’s. Velour and hat feathers filled the screen to a script that include way too many, you dig’s and better have my money’s (in my humble opinion). And then he rapped!

Really? I know that “pimp” has been mainstreamed with Jay-Z and Pimp My Ride, but is it too much to ask my colleagues to not lower the standards of education? Let’s do our best to slow the decay. I’ll tell you what. If we ever get a U.S. president by the name of Smooth Darrel, then we can concede. Until then let’s push for excellence. For the record, prostitute monger is not excellence.

Please remember this rant, so I won’t have to repeat myself because I just know I’ll come across a brand new low. Who wants to take bets on what that will be? My money is on a Spanish sexting for a lesson on irregular verbs.

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