Monday, November 02, 2009


The administration is now encouraging us to go vigilante. They have given us the go-ahead to start our own detention programs. We can even unite forces to create a stronger outsourced detention program. Great, we have been given the chance to be Blackwater. According to Pécan, we just have to make sure we do the following:

1. Teacher must use behavior log to document inappropriate behavior.

2. Teacher reviews log with student. Teacher assigns date and time and student signs detention form. The teacher keeps top copy of form. The student keeps bottom copy. More forms are being ordered.

Let me interject here. Yes, these forms cost money. Yes, I am budgeted for two copies per students per grading period to teach.

3. Teacher contacts parent/guardian and documents comment.

4. Teacher holds detention session and documents attendance. Document any infraction that may occur. Sessions may be no longer than two hours.

5. Students who fail to show for scheduled detention will be turned in to the appropriate AP via said teacher via top copy of said detention agreement. Teacher must make sure to photocopy the top copy for his own records. The AP will determine the consequence.

6. Teacher detentions are not to be held the same time as tutorials.

Oh, yes. No tutoring. Better yet, no teaching… ever. Am I expected to be a teacher anymore? What else can you expect since they want me to keep kids up to two hours in my classroom? Hello. My classroom is my office. You know I don’t exactly retreat to a box when the final bell of the day rings only to emerge again the next day. There are mountains of prep and grading that must be done. How would you like to work in your office with a bunch of disgruntled people who despise you?

Let’s face it. Teaching has taken a back seat when I’m asked to do stuff like this. Did I say backseat? That probably is not accurate. This car is pulling a trailer and teaching is stuck in there… in a moving box at the bottom… and a lava lamp leaking all over it.

Speaking of jobs. Isn’t this our associate principal’s job to facilitate discipline? Are they too busy developing American Romanticism lesson plans? If so, then great. And what the hell is this: AP’s will determine the proper punishment? Shouldn’t that already be set? Missing detention should get you X punishment. Otherwise, I can see the one AP who tries reaching out to the kids by handing out candy laying down the law a bit differently than the AP who is the retired marine sergeant. I’m speaking from experience.

It doesn’t matter anyway because no teacher in their right mind would take on such a chore like dispensing their own detention. If they do, then they need to sit in my room for two hours and think about things.

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