Thursday, November 19, 2009

What’s Your Position On This?

The district has a new position open. It’s for an endowed chair educator position. I know, “A Whatnow, Whosit?”

The description of the opening reads as:
…provides professional development job-embedded, as well as, district level professional development as related to enrichment programs and research projects. The ultimate goal of the endowment chair educator is to build teacher capacity and efficacy in programs which will provide students authentic learning experiences in order to improve student knowledge of Life, Physical, and Earth Science with an emphasis on environmental awareness.
I know, “A Whatnow, Whosit?”

Does this mean we’re not getting our library staff back?

Will this lead to an expensive investment to a program that will never be realized.

Hey, if it takes thousands of dollars and hours of manpower to get these jack-a-ninnies to stop throwing their chocolate milk bottles and gum in my recycling bin, then I’m all for it. Wait, no I’m not.

Let’s remember, being a jack-a-ninny requires no energy or money. We don’t stand a chance against them. The money for this position would be better spent on a more plausible reality than trying to get my students to care about the environment, like the war on drugs or a good Dane Cook movie.

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