Friday, December 04, 2009

Grade A Beef

We’re giving out progress reports today to the kids. I always hate this grading period because it has Thanksgiving break, plus there’s a dead week with finals. So in reality, today I’m reporting on sixteen days of work (not all of it graded) with only five more gradable days to go. The numbers, at best, are hollow.

One progress report, which I know will be accurate belongs this one student of mine. She has been at school for a total of thirteen days—the entire semester. No, she did not transfer into this school. She, in fact, started the year here. For this grading period she has an Incomplete status for I’ve only seen her once during this grading period. And soon I predict that her Incomplete will turn into an F, like it did the first grading period and this last grading period because nothing was ever turned it. With that many days missed though she could have a 1000 in each class and it would not matter. You have to be at school to graduate school after all.

It’s a shame that she doesn’t have coursework more fitting to her hooky habits. I wonder what those would be? AP Fugitive? Hiding II? I heard that Professor Waldo taught that.

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