Friday, January 08, 2010

Such Great Heists

Teaching is a dog eat dog world; it’s killed or be killed. Why, it’s steal or be stolen from. Yesterday, for one history teacher, it was the latter. She had to disperse a school-wide e-mail pleading for any leads to the paper she had set on the couch in the faculty lounge and went missing. She tore the lounge apart, retraced her steps and found nothing. She would be grateful if the three reams got back into her hands, since she paid for the paper herself.

Three reams?! We’re obviously not talking about accidentally picking up somebody’s pen or reaching for the wrong coffee mug. We’re talking about three reams. You don’t misplace three reams. If you ask me, this is the school supply version of the freakin’ Lufthansa heist. Yes, I figure that a score this size took months to plan. And you know there had to be an inside man. I would guess it was the office supply salesperson. As soon as the teacher left the store, he placed a phone call to the ringleader to give him the heads-up.

And if the score involved a wheelman, then my money is on the cross country coach who rides the golf cart along side the runners during practice.

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