Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We’ve started reading The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Josue, one of my students, has requested that he be addressed as Wetback Josue for the rest of the semester. It was obvious that he had met Nigger Jim in the story. With some more discussion on the elements of satire, he gave up his pursuit of the moniker.

As a result of the whole incident, I find that I can’t look at one of my students without giving them a nickname that follows the formula description + student’s name = nickname. I haven’t gone the race route for these new handles, though, but rather the behavior that a student prominently displays.

For example, I would have gone with Wears a Scarface Shirt Everyday Josue rather than Wetback Josue. I’m quite impressed with his dedication to the movie. He even has homemade airbrushed shirts.

There could easily be one for every student:
Texting Emily
Scratches His Butt on the Doorway like a Bear Chris
Drama Queen Ricky
Bad at Lying Rachel
Drooling Mike
I wonder what nickname the students would give me? The worst I’ve heard is Gay Teacher, but I’m sure I’ve been called much worse.

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