Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Shoe-In

The Key Club has initiated a very thoughtful endeavor. They have started a collection of slightly used shoes for needy children. They are wanting for all kinds of shoes. They’re looking for tennis shoes, basketball shoes, cleats and even dancing shoes. It all sounds great, except that this school may not be the best place for a drive-seeking out slightly used shoes.

The shoes that these kids wear here at SLHS are so grody that I try to keep my eyes up towards the ceiling. Seriously, I have the bump into desk bruises to prove it. There’s this one boy who wears flip-flops year-round, rain or shine. Can you imagine him trying to donate those things? You would probably have to peel them off of him.

Like I said, it’s not like this kid is an isolated case. There are missing tongues of shoe. What was mostly leather is now mostly duct tape. I thought the stereotype was for kids to spend insane amounts of money on shoes and then discard them for new ones once there was a scuff. I’m down with not overindulging, but throw in an Odor Eater every once in a while.

Hey, maybe I should start a shoe drive of my own. I could get others to donate shoes that I, in turn, could distribute to my students. Now I just have to figure out what kind of shoes I could ask for that aren’t too nice, but a clear improvement over what they have now.

Those guys who tar roads: What do they do with their ruined shoes?

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