Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Hot Sticky Mess

Hammer has sent out an e-mail asking teachers to refrain from using hot glue to hang items on the walls of our classrooms and hallways. Besides her reason that the removal of the glue most likely results in taking paint off the walls, there’s another reason I can think of not doing it. Can you imagine if a jack-a-ninny got their hands on a glue gun around here? It would be like one of the nation-states who hosts terrorists getting their hands on nuclear materials.

Seriously, if teachers do use hot glue guns around here, I hope they carry it around in a reinforced briefcase that’s handcuffed to their wrists. Any less security on such a device and we could have chaos of mammoth proportions. Look what they do with glue sticks. I once stopped two boys from applying it like lip balm to see who could get their lips stuck on the sack of The Baron. And that stuff isn’t even hot. I can’t even imagine what the girl who branded the infinity on her arm with a coat hanger would do. What was that supposed to mean? There are no limits to her stupidity?

Also, I have to admit that I’m a bit tired of kids walking down the hallways commenting that it “looks like someone jizzed all over the walls.”

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