Thursday, February 25, 2010

Make A Note

We got one of those semi-regular reminders again from the front office to post a note on our door when we take our class somewhere else in the building. There’s solid reasoning for such a request. Think about it; if someone like the nurse or a counselor needs to get ahold of a student, then they need to know if we’re in the library or somewhere.

For me, there’s another reason to leave a note that’s just as sound. I’m off with 30+ wild jack-a-ninnies. My very life is at risk. It’s imperative that people know where I am at all times! You laugh, but I’m serious. Some of these students are scary. Don’t think for a second that the number of those without a criminal record is “zero”. One day a custodian could find me hogtied with computer mouses in one of the computer labs.

In fact, I’m thinking of going beyond leaving a note. I should also drop some breadcrumbs or Reese’s Pieces when we venture out as well. That’s just in case they need to send out a rescue team. It would probably be a good idea to rip up parts of my shirt and tie them off as markers while I was at it.

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