Monday, February 22, 2010

To Name a Few

I guess one of the teachers is doing some sort of fundraiser for something. I’m not too sure because an e-mail went out to the entire school, but it makes reference to some cause I’ve never heard about, and it looks like the fundraising is in its final stages. I’d usually just delete something like that. It was not obviously meant for me, but this e-mail had a shocking attachment.

The message in the body of the e-mail commented on how all of the pledges had not been received yet, and recipients of the e-mail were asked to verify their status with their pledges. You’ll be shocked to hear attachment was a very detailed list of the donation history to date. Names were on there, along with whether money had been collected yet. Not only that, but the amount people had pledged was on there. Talk about your full disclosures.

Wow! What’s next? The teacher is going to send Rocco and Pretty Tony to collect any money she’s got coming to her? I’m not even sure how this could be an accident. That was certainly a document for her eyes only. I mean, it even has the amounts pledged on it!

Unless she thought shame was called for with such a noble cause. Hey if that’s the case, if this is an important cause, then get off our asses and go remind those who haven’t been able to contribute yet personally and most of all, privately.

Let me finish by looking at a bright side. I can’t be too negative about charity after all. Let’s see, hmm, how about this: At least the teacher wasn’t collecting a vig…I hope.

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