Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Yesterday, Hammer passed along to us that the IT was unable to connect to the Internet. That’s funny, right? I mean these are the guys that we go to for Internet help. I wonder if they tried turning it off and then on again.


Not to worry, though, because Hammer shared that the district was bringing in experts to fix the problem. Again, aren’t they the experts? Think about it. The math teachers around here aren’t exactly counting on their fingers while teaching. That’s because they are a qualified bunch.

Bringing others in really hurts their cred. I might be better off asking my student who plays World of Warcraft all day for technology assistance. It would probably only cost me a couple of Monster energy drinks.

I kid. You guys know that I’m down with IT here at school. I can even sympathize when it comes to facing obstacles that come with a job. Later this year I’ve got to teach Anecdote of the Jar by Wallace Stevens to a bunch of seventeen year olds. Who thinks that’s going to work?

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