Monday, March 01, 2010

A Rocky Finish to the Week

I’m guessing that not all of the students around here are focusing on the state testing we are having here this week. There are signs… like the assault on campus after school on Friday. One girl put a rock upside another girl’s head. Who okayed xeriscaping at this school anyway? Forget the physically violent students. The jack-a-ninnies have twenty-foot windows for target practice!

Anyway, we were informed that local authorities responded rapidly, and both “young ladies” are fine. The e-mail actually referred to them as “young ladies.” Can you believe that? When can you stop calling them ladies? When somebody loses an eye? Maybe Hammer was trying to be funny. Knowing her, though, I doubt it.

She also said that administrators had been doing their best to keep an eye on these two since they have had a combative history dating back to last year. Oh, please be kidding. It’s been a year? Somehow, I don’t see it possible that the whole scenario was just kids being kids until Friday’s stoning.

Staff is not to worry because the same group who was monitoring these two “young ladies” are taking steps to block any more escalation between these two or their friends.

It sounds like were going to the mattresses.

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