Monday, March 08, 2010

Dead Week Comes Early

Well, we just completed a week of state testing. That means we have a week more of school and then it’s Spring Break. I’m not even going to try to fool myself. I thought last week was bad, but now we’re not going to get anything done for an entire week. Their bodies are here but their minds are already doing beer bongs at their parents’ lake house. Shoot, I expect some of their bodies are already gone too. The trend these days is to turn Spring Break week into a long two weeks.
Yep, I equate this week to the stuff that gets lost behind bookcases. You know what I mean; sometimes something falls behind your bookcase, but you don’t really miss it because it wasn’t that important to you to begin with. Except for a two-year old magazine and a McDonald’s Monopoly game piece awarding a free sausage biscuit, these kids are going to misplace an introduction to F. Scott Fitzgerald.
Though I’m sure they’ll have a grand old time guessing on what the “F” stands for like they always do. My all-time favorite is “Frankenstein”.

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