Thursday, April 01, 2010

Let Me Count the Days

I hate to say I need another break so soon after coming back from Spring Break, but I’m not going to mind these next four days at all. Not only is tomorrow Good Friday, but the teachers have professional development on Monday as well. Oh, and there’s more state testing on Tuesday. That adds up to five days with no instructional time for me.

I know I usually complain about such stuff, but like I said I’m yearning for another break. It must be the fact that we are in the homestretch with the school year. I see that finish line, and I’m getting that urge to coast. I’ve even caught myself compiling a list in my head of events we have left this year that would interfere with teaching. I guess I have this twisted hope that I can find enough activities that will keep me from teaching another day this year.

There are about forty-three days left. I know there are at least seven more days of state testing left. There’s Memorial Day. Four days are allotted for finals and dead week is another three. Prom’s not really two days, but the kids always take that Friday and Monday off, so what’s the point? I’m sure we’ll have some sort of guest speaker before the year is up. Last year we had an inmate come to try to scare the students straight. The first question he got was, “Have you ever been done in the butt?” It didn’t really work. We’ll also need to cough up a day each for counselors to finalize the kids’ schedules for next year, yearbook signing, senior pictures and getting class rings. Also, I figure that at the rate fire alarms are pulled around here, another day should be eaten up by year’s end.

That still leaves me with twenty days, so I’ll have to keep thinking. Don’t worry, though. I’m not serious. In all sincerity, teaching is rewarding. I just need an activity to help me get over this last hump of the school year. With that said, what else can I fill my calendar with?

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