Friday, April 09, 2010

Gas Leak

You read that right. We had a gas leak. That sounds scary, right? I had my kids in the library when another class came in seeking refuge. They had to evacuate their classroom because of toxic fumes. We’re not talking about a broken pipe though. This disaster was created by gassy students who were fueled by their school lunches. Unfortunately, today was fiestada day in the cafeteria.

Can you believe that? A classroom was ruined by the disgustingness of students. What’s next? The school is quarantined due to the dangerous level of pit stains detected?

Yes, the librarian did the right thing by granting sanctuary, but it's not like I was crazy about the decision. There we were, the fresh smelling class, looking Mrs. Stinky Pants’ kids in the eyes and knowing that amongst them were the culprits of the carpet bombing of her classroom. Immediately, the walls of that library started to close in on us. The stinkers could strike again at any moment, and I felt this impending urge to seek them out before they did!

The whole thing was like the plot of Hitchcock’s Lifeboat. Sure, we’ll start out all cordial to one another waiting for relief to come, but then we would end up trying to kill each other over the last few whiffs of fresh air.

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