Friday, April 16, 2010

Press, Press, Pass

Ah, first-year teachers. They’re so cute, always doing something goofy. It like when you catch your kitten getting its head caught in your water glass. It’s okay to laugh too because all teachers have been first-year teachers, who have gotten their heads metaphorically (or sometimes literally) stuck in something. I remember how I tried to play jazz CD’s my first year while the kids wrote in their journals. The kids referred to it as “fagzz.”

Well, our journalism teacher is a first-year and she’s earning her lumps. She thought it would be a good idea to give her students press passes that they could wear while they’re out on “assignment.” So if you saw a kid with her camera out in the hall during class, then you would know that she’s not cutting but actually getting pictures for the trophy case piece that’s going to run in the next edition of the Green & Gold.

If you know what’s coming next then say it with me: All the passes have gone missing.

Stealing passes is the bread and butter of jack-a-ninnies. They’re deep into that. It’s like what the waste management industry is to the mob.

Anyway, she informed us that we are to collect any passes that kids would try to show us and to write a referral. She also reminded us that she’s never given a kid permission to leave our classes to work on the paper, so we shouldn’t believe them when they make such a statement.

Hah! Allowing kids to skip my class to work on the school paper. I love first-year teachers.

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