Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What You Walking About?

With the year winding down, we’ve already seen signs of teachers stressing out. So the teacher who was trying to organize a walking group shouldn’t be too surprise about the reaction she got, especially when she kept pressing the subject. There was bound to be a blow-up.

Daily we were getting bombarded with emails reminding us of a early morning walking club we had no interest in:

Hey guys,

I’m sure no one showed up yesterday because of the rain. Don’t worry. We’ll resume walking if it is nice outside tomorrow morning.

Hey guys,

If you forgot your clothes, it’s ok. We will still walk on Wednesday and Thursday. Hope to see you there.

Hey guys,

This is just a test email. People have not been showing up to walking, and I’m not sure if you’re getting my emails. Just shoot me a response to let me that everything is working ok.

That last one prompted a fellow teacher to shoot back with:

Dear IT,

Is there an “ignore” option on getting e-mails I don’t want? I don’t want any walking group emails anymore.

Well send them all my way. The drama is addictive, especially since I don’t get to watch my stories like I used to.

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