Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer School Anonymous

We got the applications to teach summer school in our mailboxes at work today. I put mine in my To Do pile, right on top of my application to get punched in the junk. You guys know how I feel about summer school. I just want to save those teachers. Pushing themselves like they do just isn’t healthy. At the rate they go, these teachers will burnout way before their time. It’s a disease I tell you!

In fact, I should get proactive on the situation. Maybe I could identify these teachers ahead of time and send them an e-mail telling them to come to an orientation for summer school teachers. They’d show up, but instead of info packets waiting for them all their loved ones would be there, united, to get them to consider their options.

It would be like an intervention. Sure, the teachers would hate us at first, but we just need a chance to tell them how much we love them and to admit that they have a problem. After all, that is the first step.

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