Monday, May 10, 2010

In the Library with the Forklift

The librarian sent out a campus-wide e-mail asking if anyone had seen the computers that line one of the library’s wall. She walked in today all geared for a regular Monday and BAM! In the place of a row of computers was a dust outline of a row of computers. That had to be shocking. She had tried to contact someone from administration, but couldn’t get a hold of anyone. Out of desperation she was asking anyone who had a clue to share.

The details of her e-mail had “caper” written all over it. The computers were there on Friday when she left. The doors were locked. The only thing missing was one of those ransom notes made out letters cut out of magazines.

Soon after her e-mail went out another one came from administration telling us not to worry about the situation. It seems that there was a miscommunication problem, and the computers were taken for some sort of maintenance without the librarian’s knowledge. Yeah there was a miscommunication problem. No one tells us anything.

I mean it. More than once teachers have been given the doesn’t need to know status on stuff that we certainly need to be made aware. There are plenty of us educators out there who are busting our asses to prepare children to become the next citizens and in the grand scheme of things there’s not a lot a time to get that done.

So anything that has the slightest chance of disrupting our massive undertaking needs to be brought to our attentions—pronto. You can’t request from us sample writings from our ESL students by next period. We’re in the middle of teaching! You can’t ask for four weeks of assignments for a kid who was just given a month’s worth of in-school suspension by the end of the day. We’re in the middle of teaching! With a marathon session of grading ahead of me, you can’t tell me on a Friday at 2:40pm that I’ve got to clear out of my classroom so it can be used for a regional orchestra competition at 3:30pm. That doesn’t fly!

Can anyone tell what happened to me this past Friday?

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