Friday, May 07, 2010

What Planet Are You From?

As you know, we’re given lesson plans for our BAP classes. Now they may not be effective, but at least they are timely. That is, until now.

This Friday’s lesson is to show Michael Jackson’s music video of Earth Song to celebrate Earth Day. Yes, this year’s Earth Day was April 22nd. Geez, nothing says caring like missing an important date by more than a week. Just ask my parents on my 8th, 12th, and 15th birthdays. That’s for another blog, though, I guess.

On top of this lack of timing demonstrated by those in charge of planning these BAP classes, the thought in the lesson itself is not too impressive either. Showing a Michael Jackson video is going to reduce our carbon footprint. Really? We’re talking about Michael Jackson. I’ll say it again, Mi-chael Jack-son. How green is that? The man was the embodiment of excess. You can’t be anything else when you eat up resources running a private amusement park or dress up your very own chimpanzee to take to award ceremonies in a limo. Sure Bubbles was probably a rescued testing monkey, but it seems like that was a lateral move.

And I know he was the inventor of Jesus Juice™ and everything, but can we get more authoritative voices to guide our students through our environmental issues? You know, like scientists, the leaders in global commerce, or even Al Gore? That guy was able to parlay an Academy Award in a Nobel Peace Prize. That’s pretty impressive. Not even Bono has done that!

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