Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Name of the Game

This district has a place called The Behavior Developing Institute. The official description of the place is that it was created to “to meet the particular needs of students who find it taxing creating success in a standard campus setting.” It sounds like I need that place because if SLHS is a standard campus setting then I need help to create success myself. Apathetic kids, threats of physical harm, and very little sleep surround me. In other words, I’m not entirely sure what this place does. Its name doesn’t exactly make the branding hall of fame.

Also you’ve got to feel bad for any kid that has to go to such a place. Yes, this is when my rare, hardly seen sensitive side surfaces ever so slightly. You just know that no kid would be hyped about attending something called Behavior Developing. It sounds like something straight out of a George Orwell novel. And it’s not like the rest of the school’s name cuts the sting either. Let’s just say, if this were a game of Pyramid then Institute could be a clue for Places Where Crazy People Are Kept along with Psych Ward and Walmart.

Well, it appears the district has been having the same thoughts because on the agenda for the next school board meeting is renaming The BDI. Unfortunately, it looks like they’ve gone too much the other way in trying to compensate. They’re proposing the name to be changed to The Oxford Center.

Oxford? Yikes. Let’s be fair. The place isn’t exactly cricket and rowing, so there’s no need to put on the appearance of scholarly excellence, is there? Can’t they just name it after someone who has worked in the district for like thirty years and be done with it? Besides the whole thing may backfire because I have to admit the first time I read The Oxford Center the first thing I thought was that a new discount men’s clothing store was opening in the area.

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