Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Tutors

Besides holding their own tutoring sessions the teachers around here also take turns hosting a department session once a week. Basically all the English (or whichever subject) teachers can send their kids to a particular teacher for some extra studying. It’s nothing fancy. Mostly it’s kids who need some time working on a group assignment or coming in to do make-up work. I have to admit that it is kind of nice. When I’m not leading the study hall then I’m free to try to catch up on some work after school without interruption (in theory).

For other departments, though, things may not be so smooth. I say this because we got a campus wide e-mail from a math teacher asking for information about one of the attendees. She needed to know who assigned this particular kid work for after school tutoring. According to her the young lady doesn’t know what work she’s supposed to be doing. With this mass e-mail going out it also sounds like he doesn’t know who his own teacher is. Speaking of, why am I being e-mailed about math homework? Tighten-up that communication net of yours.

Let’s see, the kid doesn’t know what work she’s supposed to be doing. Nor can she identify the teacher who supposedly assigned it. It sounds like nobody assigned her work to me. Seriously, those are the basic elements of assigning stuff: I, the teacher, am giving you, the student, this work.

That’s exactly why I would have not even sent an e-mail out if I was in that teacher’s shoes. It’s that girl’s responsibility to bring those basic elements with her to the table if I’m going to help her. If she can’t handle those then she’s not ready to learn. Such passiveness is an insult to the idea of becoming educated.

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