Friday, May 21, 2010

Off the BAP

Today is the last BAP class of the year. I may be looking more forward to this than the last day of school. BAP class is rough. The lesson plans are just so silly. I guess silly lesson plans are better than no lesson plans at all. Ironically, we may just find out if that is true or not.

It has been tradition to let the Seniors plan the final BAP class for all the underclassmen these last few years. The idea is that those graduating have the opportunity to pass along some wisdom before they walk out of the school doors one last time (except the ones who get drunk on graduation night and break back in for some vandalism). Well, guess what? Lesson day has rolled around and there is no lesson to teach. The seniors failed to submit anything on time. Surprise!

Or is it? I mean if this place was Slacker High then we would have a photo finish for valedictorian.

Really, the administrators who were in charge of this project should have seen it coming. There have been signs. Two years ago, they had the underclassmen clean out their lockers. Last year, they made a mix tape for the students to listen to, and that’s it. So like I said, this shouldn’t have shocked anyone.

If you think that’s bad, three years ago, they had an activity with a paper plate.

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