Thursday, May 20, 2010

Favor Time of Year

Another event you see quite regularly towards the end of the year is teachers calling in favors. It makes sense. The end of the year is just that—the end of the year. There are no overtimes. There are no extra innings. There is no 50. You have to be finished with everything by the last day of school, and that’s it. Such an environment lends itself to teachers cashing in IOU’s to meet the hard deadline.

Unfortunately, since this time of year is a bit stressing, asking for their due reparations may not be as civil as they would be in, say, October. For example, the e-mail I got this morning says, “I need someone to cover my morning duty for me tomorrow and some of you all (you know who you are) owe me!” She was certainly not mincing any words, was she?

Sadly, I was a bit short in the doing favors department this past year. That will have to be one of my for next year. Otherwise, I’ll be stuck like I am this year. Wait a second. I did hold that door open for that cafeteria lady last week. Hmmm, I wonder….

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