Monday, October 13, 2008

Teen Read Weak

The school librarian sent us an e-mail wishing us a happy Teen Read Week. The way things are going nowadays, celebrating the reading by teens for a week is like celebrating such rarities like Find a Four Leaf Clover Week or Lightening Strikes Twice Week. Heck, we might as well have a Dog Read Week!

It is only getting worse. Remember when kids at least read the CliffNotes to an assignment? Now they just go on the Internet and look for a synopsis. And not only that, but their discretion of which jack-a-ninny’s page they read is limited to the one that they don’t have to do a bunch of scrolling for!

Now I’m aware of the argument that we need to give our kids stuff to read that will appeal to their interests, but come on. What’s that? Cheat codes for video games? “Fag” jokes? One Hundred and One Lies To Tell Your Parents?

Of course, all of my kids are not like this, but my fervent readers don’t need a week to get them excited about books, and it took them more than a week to become that way. I just hope one day that our education system will get to the point where this week will become a true celebration.

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