Monday, October 06, 2008

Let’s get bus-y!

I’ve got bus duty this week and the Hammer has sent a reminder that I’m not to stand in front of a bus to get it to stop so stragglers can get on at the last second.

Uh, no problem there, Tiananmen Square.

These are teenagers. They’re old enough to show up in time to sit on a bus. Like I’ve said before, it’s big boy/girl time at this age. Luckily, this is something that both the school and I agree on. Usually, we’re on opposite side of the spectrum. See the 50 Rule.

I can’t imagine if I were responsible to stop the buses if a kid was lagging behind, especially if I couldn’t leave until they did. I’d do anything to make sure that I didn’t have to wait. I do some sort of Batman acrobatics, if it came to that. Although I’m more akin to firing the student on to the bus out of a cannon, if I had the choice.

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