Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Computers For Dummies

I had this kid complaining how tough my class is, which is usually no big deal. It happens all the time. Plus, the student most likely had the same complaint last year. Who knew “advancing” in school would require work?

Speaking of last year, this kid said something that caught me a bit off-guard. He told me that if I didn’t believe him, then I should look in my computer for his grades last year. Hmm, I realize when computers first came on the scene they said we would only need three to run the world, but doesn’t this kid know that they were wrong? Shoot, even if he didn’t, why would he think I possessed one of them?

It’s a computer, not a crystal ball. I mean how did he think that I would get his grades from it? Talk to it like it was a mirror from a fairy tale?

Computer, computer on my desk—tell why this kid is such a pest?

Knowing his research habits, he was probably meaning for me to look up his grades on Google.

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