Friday, September 19, 2008

I was just giving him a red handed.

Another fruitful trip to the computer lab—I caught two kids at one of the terminals engrossed in one of their MySpace accounts when they’re supposed to be doing research for their papers, which by the way, were not on why MySpace is the new crack.

So much for our filter working…

Maybe we had to ditch it to counteract The Great Deficit of 2007/08. With being that much in the red I’m sure that and more have been considered. I won’t be surprised if our faculty picture will be half-filled with cardboard cutouts and taken with an instant Polaroid camera.

Anyway, the thing I loved the most about catching these two was that the boy who was hovering over the computer used the excuse of, “I was just helping him with something.” Yeah, the legal term is called an accomplice. The kid was probably wondering why I chuckled then, but I couldn’t help but to imagine these two getting caught burying a dead body. I could see one of them blurting out, “I was just helping him!”

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