Monday, September 15, 2008

We just got out coached today.

Someone in this building sent out an e-mail about MLA and I’m all confused. I’m all clear on MLA, but confused by this person’s title—Instructional Coach.

What the hell is that? The new buzzword for teacher? The ol’ there’s no money for a raise even though you’re due one, so we’ll just change your title ploy? What's wrong with us just being teachers?

Maybe they are literally coaches for instructors. They are here to get us “out-of-shape educators” fit in the teaching method department. I could see that. There would be these guys in tight shorts, mid-calf athletic socks and blowing a whistle between activities. Teachers would be in those school-issued P.E. uniforms, jumping to their barking coach speak.

I want 10 quizzes graded. Count them off! One….

Do you think I have you make seating charts because I enjoy it?

We aren’t hitting the showers until one of you gives me a decent lesson plan!

I should just go ask this instructional coach myself, instead of just speculating. Now which way is the gymnasium?

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