Thursday, September 04, 2008

Meeting of the Mads

We had the first department meeting since school started yesterday. There’s this one teacher who just complains all the time.

What? Why are you staring at me? Yes, I do my share of bitching, but it’s okay because I’m soooo funny, right? I’m talking about those who complain because they don’t get things their way. She has all these theories on how the department should be run and coincidently enough, they all result in her benefit.

Take her latest—the paper cutter needs to be in one central location so everyone can have access to it at all times. You know what that means. Recently, she needed the paper cutter, and it wasn’t where she expected it to be. Now, you may say, “No. This is just a subject that she feels passionate about. Why else would she spend valuable meeting time championing the proposal?” Well, it’s because during the meeting before the start of this year she bitched for twenty minutes on how she had a lot of cutting that she needed to do to get ready for the year and teachers should be able to take the cutter to their room if they have a valid reason.

This is not an isolated incident either—last year she flip-flopped on posting department memos on the bulletin board in the workroom because her e-mail was getting clogged up to why she wasn’t notified via e-mail on a new department policy. It’s always something with her.

Like I said, I’m not opposed to complaining. Just don’t change your stance because it doesn’t fit your needs at that second. You’re never happy, and that makes the rest of us miserable. It’s a shame that adult pacifiers are not acceptable. That way, when she starts crying in meetings about not getting her way, we could just stick it in so we could get on to important stuff.

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