Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Locker and load!

The kids aren’t getting their lockers until today, which hasn’t quite pleased our student drug dealers because there’s been no place to stash their stash.

I don’t get it. What’s with the school going locker-less for an entire week? This isn’t something that could have been settled before the start of the year? As a result, my first period has been using my room as their lockers. They’ve just been putting everything in the baskets under the desks (got old furniture). This past week has been nothing but my first period interrupting my other classes to dig around for something in their locker desks. One girl was already hanging pictures of Shia LeBeouf in hers!

What am I to do? Throw their stuff out in the hall like some sort of eviction? It was only for this week, so it’s not like I can enforce anything. Speaking of evictions, I did have to remove those kids from their lockers that one time. What can I say? I giveth and taketh away.

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