Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Keys to Getting Out of Here

You guys know about the usual rigmarole that involves this last day of school. It is absolute chaos with teachers trying to turn in grades and whatnot. Previously, I’ve mentioned what a pain it is to turn our keys in on the last day. Let me elaborate on that. For some reason the AP in charge of this always makes himself difficult to find. During the entire day announcements will be made of where he is and it always all over the place.
Mr. Bartolli is in the auto shop if you want to turn in your keys.

If you’re near the auditorium, then you may want to catch Mr. Bartolli there to give him your keys.

Don’t look now, but Bartolli is in the counselors’ office.
Not only that, but sometimes there’s a time limit to where he’s at.
For the next ten minutes Bartolli will be in the cafeteria.

Science labs—fifty-nine, fifty-eight, fifty-seven…
It’s like this guys a freakin’ leprechaun or something that we have to chase down to find the pot of gold, which in this case is getting the hell out of here. I’m half expecting the announcements to be riddles that we have to figure out to know where he is.
There’s a board, but the teacher never writes on it. There are lanes, but you can’t drive your car in them.
“I know! The pool!”

This may be the year that I return my keys attached to a rock—that I throw through his windshield.

Have a great summer!

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