Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Good lord almighty! Why does this get to me every year? I know it’s coming. You guys know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about reviewing for the final. Well, I call it reviewing. They call it tell me the answer so I can mindlessly write it down. I go through all this trouble to put together a review for these kids, which, if you ask me, is awfully kind of me.

Do you kids want know what’s on the final? Everything!

Anyway, I do the review so we can create a class discussion where the questions on the sheet are supposed to launch us into further discussion and exploration—you know--learning. Instead, when I try to do such a thing, “So is that the answer?” is the only feedback I get. Well, when the question is Analyze the evolution of Huck’s relationship with Jim and provide specifics form the book to support the change. What are the possible messages that Twain is sending? then the answer isn’t simply wrote a letter.

Haven’t you been listening the last twenty minutes?!

By comparison those are my strong students! Most of the other kids will just copy wrote a letter off of them.

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