Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh no she digits!

So this angry mother calls me, but it’s not your typical I’m angry because my daughter is failing and I want to blame you type of call. No, she called demanding to know who she was speaking to on the other end. It turns out that I had called her daughter’s cell phone, and she wanted to know why a grown man was calling her daughter.

So let me back up on all this mess. A student of mine is failing, so I grabbed her information card to get the parent telephone number she listed. When I called I got one of those voice mail prompts with that robotic voice telling me to leave a message, and I did. It turns out that I wasn’t leaving a message on a parent’s phone, but the kid had placed her number instead so she could intercept any communiqué that may hinder her social life.

Well, the mother had confiscated the phone due some other shenanigans, and now she’s wondering why a grown man is leaving messages on her daughter’s phone. After clearing up the confusion, I asked if we could talk about her daughter’s grade. That’s when she told me she had too many problems to deal with and hung up.

I assume one of the problems is that her daughter’s a liar.

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