Friday, May 02, 2008


We got a notice that phones would be down for the day—no calling in, no calling out—the whole shebang. Now this is indeed a bit worrisome. I mean no communication can lead to chaos, but there is a bright side—no parent phone calls for a day. By three o’clock I’ve got all kinds of crap waiting for me on my voice mail.

“Please return this call after 9 PM because I am only available then.”

“It’s important that you call me right away. I need to know what you are going to do about Blake’s grade.”

Then you get the two-parter who has to leave a second message to finish the “woe is me” story of why their kid has turned in a third of the assignments (all year) and wants you to spot them twenty points.

Of course the down side is that I’ll probably get twice as many of these pain in the ass calls. It will be like I charged peace and quiet on some kind of cosmic credit card, and it has a 100% APR. Oh well…

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