Friday, April 25, 2008

Powder Puff Puff Pass

The spring semester is the semester where the atmosphere is a bit more lax, especially with the last six weeks (like we were a well oiled machine before). A.P.E. is near as are other events, such as the powder puff football game. You guys are familiar with this, right? It’s a fundraiser done by the cheerleaders where the junior girls compete against the seniors while the boys cheerlead.

I went once. It was my first year of teaching. The two teams volleyed threats at one another between plays.
You’re going down!

Bring it, bitches!
Then it dawned on me. Why was I paying five dollars to see high school girls be catty to one another? I see it for free everyday. Maybe they could just pass a hat around at the end of class and just by-pass that whole football thing.

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