Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nobody likes a quitter.

The BAP Coordinator is no longer with us. I know this because of three e-mails. The first was one sent by her to the entire school announcing that she was quitting. She shared that the she found the position too stressful. Really? I mean I don’t know nothing about planning no BAP classes, but she doesn’t teach any other classes and has come up with some none-too-complex lesson plans. ‘Member?

The second one came an hour later, also from her. It said that she was, “willing to give [us] a second try.” Nice move—very endearing.

And the third, well actually that came from Pécan. He shared that after having a talk with the coordinator, they both decided it would be best if this was her last week, and we were left to our own devices for creating a lesson for the next BAP class.

Maybe I’ll just print out this lady’s e-mails for my kids and call my lesson There’s Always One Krazy Ko-Worker. The K’s emphasize extra crazy.

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