Monday, April 21, 2008

More Money, More Problems

I had no intentions of reading an e-mail from Pécan entitled End of the Year Report. I don’t know about you, but I need to survive until the end of the year before reading a report about it. I only ended up reading it because a fellow teacher came running in squealing, “Have you read this e-mail?!” I’m talking about three-octaves-higher-squealing.

Anyway, I’m reading this long boring thing about the renovations of the school finally seeing completion and as I thought, I’m losing interest. That’s when my calm-challenged colleague belted out with what seemed like the last bit of breath in his body, “The last sentence!”

So I drop down to the last line and it says, “Thanks for your patience and support as this $44 million dollar project comes to an end.” For one school?!

Now that has to be a typo—4 million, 4.4 million—something. Still, I’d be lying if I said vomit did not reach mid-way up my throat. I think it’s because over the years I’ve seen such ass-backwards behavior by this district that I sort of believe that an investment like that would be made by the powers that be. By that I mean putting a ton of money into state of the art toilets that will get the same treatment (clogged with all kinds of stuff) as your standard ones instead of using it for say, more teachers and better pay.

I am getting a little scared though. It’s been a couple of hours and Pécan hasn’t sent a correction. If that number was accurate, then I’m going to have to start stealing pens for cosmic balance. Hell, I may need to figure out how to fit a laminating machine down my pants.

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