Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Take this job application and shove it!

Okay, so I found myself at Kinko’s after school yesterday. Why? It’s because our copy room closes so ridiculously soon after school gets out. That leaves me with no choice but to go out and drop my own money on copies. I wish could get everything done a month ahead of time, but in this teaching world of ours things get in the way—like kicking kids out of their lockers, having to explain myself to parents why I wrote their child up for calling me an ass face for not passing out enough class sets in his row (that should be self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised), or countless faculty meetings about all kinds of stuff, such as choosing the motto for us to rally around for next year. Thus, I need to go to outside places to get my printing.

Was I steaming while I was standing in line with nothing but my jaded thoughts about my job situation to keep me company? Yes, until I heard the strangest thing coming from the customer ahead of me, who had an even greater fury in her.

“I’m not paying a dollar-fifty for copies of my résumé!”

Really? A dollar-fifty for résumé actually doesn’t sound as too terrible of an investment. I mean, unless the jobs she planned to apply for pay one dollar, then yeah…. Hey, I wonder if they're teaching positions.

Now that I think about it, her voice sounded familiar. I think her kid called me ass face.

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