Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Hammer sent us a memo to reveal that there is a scam going around where teens have been going door to door claiming to be part of a fund-raiser for our school’s baseball team. Hey, my kids may not turn in work, sleep in class and think Transcendentalism is some sort of oral surgery, but that doesn’t mean that the wheels aren’t turning in those noggins of theirs.

Evidently, these kids are toting a catalogue from some legitimate fund-raiser, but when someone selects something the rapscallions ask for payment there on the spot and tell their prey to write the checks out to Cash. Can you believe that? How could you fall for such a thing? I wonder if it’s the same people who think their kids never do anything wrong.

“Blake said he didn’t paint ‘SL’ on his right eyelid and ‘UT’ on his left with whiteout.”

Why would I make something like that up?!

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