Monday, March 31, 2008

A Discolored Growth

Guys, I’ve been laughing for the last 15 minutes. I think the fit has subsided long enough for me to share the following e-mail from Pécan:

Teachers—a number of you have contacted the front office to report fresh graffiti on the portable classrooms. I would like to applaud you for your vigilance, but there is no incident to report. The structures are recent additions to accommodate our rapid student population growth. The district sent them in their present condition. Keep up the good work! Go Barons!

So, with the start of a smirk, I head out to see our new expansion. Not only am I intrigued about the district’s improvement of our campus with recycled trailers, but I also want to see how many there are. I mean, didn’t we just renovate for this? We’re already out-growing them? And trust me; I had plenty of time to ponder this. These things are quite a ways away. I should have filled a canteen.

I finally get out there and before I can catch my breath my smirk grows into a chuckle as I lay eyes on two new trailers. People, these things were so tagged up that they looked like the opening credits to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. It was certainly the opposite of the normal affluent air of this school. The only things that were missing were some kids using an abandoned mattress as a trampoline and some Adidas hanging on the power line running from the building.

With that thought my full-blown laugh attack began.

Well, Thoreau did express that for learning to occur, a mind willing to give and a mind willing to receive is all that is needed. By the looks of things someone at central office just finished reading Walden.

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