Thursday, April 03, 2008

Junk Show

This is not my rant, but I’m sharing our librarian’s frustration. She was venting to me while I had my class in the library that she was asked to donate her discarded books to Title I schools in the area.
There’s a reason that I’m getting rid of them. They want me to send my garbage to poor schools? Here’s an idea; let’s get them new stuff. They’re not 2nd class citizens, so let’s not give them 2nd class materials to excel.
Her statements got me thinking. I mean, they don’t ask for my junk to be donated. At least they don’t now. Who knows? Maybe a few years form now they’ll want me to gather my pencils that are sharpened down to the nubs and straightened out paper clips for those very same schools. Maybe we’ll give them our clown portables too.

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